Academic Analytics

Benchmarking, Research Insight & Discovery Site

Please open this report (click here) to access comprehensive list of all awards, journals and publishers covered in Academic Analtics data.

The Benchmarking Comparative Tools helps all levels of campus administrators delve deeper into the data, including information on universities, schools and colleges, departments, programs, and individual scholars. Research grants, scholarly publications, honorific awards, and many other data points may be contextualized by choosing relevant peers, content, and time windows for analysis. The comparative product offers campus-wide support for strategic planning through discipline-specific online analytic tools.
The Database is used for hiring and retention initiatives, department review support, honorific award nomination analysis, development of publication strategies, mentoring junior faculty members, and much more.

Research Insight helps administrators and faculty members find subject matter experts within an institution or externally, build diverse teams, and identify funding opportunities. Administrators and researchers use Research Insight to build limited submission grant teams, help with strategic planning, identify talent for specific initiatives, and analyze the efficacy of collaborative cross-disciplinary teams.

Public facing website encompassing the research portfolio of the entire university. It is intended to put UTSA's research strengths front and center for potential industrial partners, prospective students and faculty members, and the media. Discovery Site showcases UTSA's scholarly activity and areas of expertise to provide avenues of exploration for connections between students and faculty, business and industry and researchers, as well as connections between faculty members themselves. Searches with key words or topics produce profiles on faculty and researchers involved in research in those areas.

Yes, Academic Analytics has plotted the career progression of the entire population of scholars in each of the 172 disciplines in our database. Combining these data with information about the degree granting institution provides evidence for administrators to assess the effectiveness of their Ph.D. programs, as well as information to support graduate recruitment. The data can also be used to answer queries from state legislative bodies and others seeking information about the outcomes of Ph.D. graduates.

Yes, Unit Modeling in the Academic Analytics portal is a powerful modeling tool to create "what if" scenarios showing the impact of gaining new faculty members with particular characteristics (i.e., junior versus senior scholars, a history of acquiring certain types of grants, etc.) or losing a faculty member to retirement. Users can custom-select peers and appropriate data timeframes to establish a meaningful context for a more complete view of the unit and how it practices the discipline. Unit modeling is also a powerful way to show the possibilities for the unit's research activity, for instance to make the case for offering a Ph.D. in a given area in addition to a master's degree. The unit modeler also offers an objective path forward for a unit with which to engage potential donors and prospective new faculty members.

Faculty Insight

Faculty Insight empowers users to uncover public and private funding opportunities and potential collaborators that span discipline, campus location, and academic age, providing faculty with a competitive advantage when competing for federal research resources. Faculty Insight provides faculty users with an integrated search tool, a pre-populated faculty profile page, a profile editing tool with which to add additional scholarly activity, and targeted funding opportunities - all in one integrated, intuitive interface.

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Research Activities & Reports

PI Portal

Customized dashboard, report center, intake form and routing form for all UTSA faculty focused on research activities.

Research Dashboard

The Research Performance DashBoard covers the pursuit of outside research funding through grants, contracts and subcontracts. Though certainly only a portion of our faculty's total research activities, this set of measures can be of interest.

Expenditure Dashboard

Research Expenditure Dashboard provides an insight into UTSA research expenditures, current trends, projections and detailed college level expenditures. Each college level report is equipped with 'Sponsored Project Burn Rate Report' to track sponsored project on the monthly basis. All reports are refreshed with new data after fiscal month closes.
If you need access to the reports, please request your supervisor to email . Upon approval you'll be receive access to the dashboard.

Payroll Reporting

Sponsored Projects Payroll Confirmation reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges to, or cost shared on, sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and reflect the actual level of work performed.

Research Staff

Please report the Postdoctoral researcher or Postdoc, Fixed Term Track Faculty Researchers and Research Support on the 'Portal' link. For more information what constituents a research staff, eligibility and/or criteria please select 'Go to site'. Research Staff reporting portal is designed to serve as one-stop shop to facilitate accurate reporting of our UTSA research staff.

Funding Opportunities & Submission

Routing Form (Admin Access)

The Electronic Proposal Routing Form ensures that federal and state guidelines are met and that the intellectual and academic objectives of the University are maintained. All proposals for external funding must be reviewed at appropriate administrative levels prior to submission.


Cayuse delivers a hosted Web solution created specifically for and the complex federal grant proposal process. Cayuse424 is the platform to help organizations of all kinds collaborate on, manage, apply for federal funding, streamline proposal development.

Limited Submissions

A funding opportunity that places a limitation on the number of proposal or other applications a single eligible entity can submit each cycle. UTSA has an internal selection process in place to determine which application(s) will be submitted to sponsors for consideration.

Research Integrity (Admin Access)

COI Disclosure

All UTSA Tenured / Tenure Track faculty members and UTSA researchers are required to file a disclosure of financial interests for the current calendar year by March 1 and update the disclosure within thirty (30) days as new, reportable Significant Financial Interests are obtained and/or identified.


The UTSA Institutional Review Board (IRB) is the university committee that reviews and approves human subject research for the purpose of protecting the rights and welfare of those subjects. The Board is charged with the responsibility to formulate and implement procedures to assure UTSA's compliance with federal, state and institutional regulations for the safeguarding of the welfare and well-being (physical, mental, social, legal, etc.) of human subjects involved in research projects in which UTSA is engaged or for which UTSA otherwise exercises oversight.


The mission of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is to assure the well-being and proper care of all vertebrate animals used for research and educational purposes at UTSA, and to serve the public by ensuring institutional compliance with all legal and ethical standards regarding the use of animals in research.


The Laboratory Animal Resources Center is committed to providing UTSA faculty, staff and students with high quality, cost-effective research animal resources. LARC provides veterinary and personnel training and expertise in laboratory animal technology and medicine.

Safety Committees

These committees are charged to act in an advisory and consultative capacity regarding the administration, implementation & coordination of policies and procedures for safety and environmental health in University research activities.

Export Control

The Office of Research Integrity assists the UTSA community with compliance with federal and UT requirements related to export controls. Determining if an activity is subject to export control regulations can be complex and complicated. The Office of Research Integrity is committed to help UTSA become a premier public research institution by supporting openness in research and promoting successful international collaborations while ensuring the University's diligent compliance with these laws and regulations.

Compliance Training


Technology Disclosure and Invention Management

The Technology Disclosure and Invention Management System maintains all technology disclosures filed through the UTSA Office of Commercialization and Innovation. Faculty, staff, and students who have submitted a Technology Disclosure Form can submit additional information and check on current disclosure status through this portal.